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NeoThermics is a consulting company specialized in 3D fluid and thermal simulation Based in Brittany, NeoThermics helps companies in France and Europe to design electronic and mechanical products

  • Access potential growth markets

    By means of fluidic and thermal simulation, improve the performance of your company and accelerate the launch of your products on new markets.

  • Harsh environment

    NeoThermics is well qualified to analyze in a short time the thermal failures of your products, particularly for products intended for harsh environment.

  • Reduce prototype and test costs

    Even more powerful thermal analyses allow you to decrease the use of expensive prototypes and speed up the market launch of innovative products.

  • Anticipate your design validations

    NeoThermics takes part in your development projects and secure your electronic product designs.

  • Decrease the design time

    Whatever your application area, take advantage of NeoThermics expertise to verify a wide range of operating scenarios, to optimize and validate the final architecture of the product. This can be done very quickly when necessary.

  • Increase the reliability and the efficiency of your products

    Through fluidic and thermal simulation, study from the beginning of the project how your product works in its real environment.

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